By Faust Jonson
Posted on September 2, 2016

How to Overcome a Writer’s Block

If you check if someone has sent you anything interesting via Snapchat. Then, you check the Facebook feed and write a couple of comments. You even decide to do the dishes. You’ll do anything not to start writing an essay. You’ve tried but nothing comes to your mind. You probably experience a university essay writer’s block. Don’t worry, it happens to all the students from time to time. You spend hours trying to come up with a decent introductory paragraph and fail. You get irritated and want to finish the task as fast as you can but time works against you. There can be several reasons for that:

  • You chose the wrong time to write an essay. It may happen that you require more time to process the ideas you have and form a clear opinion of which way you want to go with them.
  • You are afraid to fail this paper. It seems that everything you write is terrible and not worth a good grade. You need to get rid of these harmful thoughts and gain some confidence.
  • You look for the perfect sentence to start writing. The perfectionism issues can keep you from writing for a long time. Remember, the idea is to start writing at least something to get into the right mood. You’ll revise the material later on.

Some reason that you ought to be persistent, stay focused on the essay and at some point, you’ll start writing. But there are much more effective ways to find the essay writers block help. Here are some of those that can really help.

Change the environment

If you always craft papers on the same spot, you might consider changing it. Get out of your room and look for a quiet and cozy place to work on the paper. You can go to a cafe nearby or park. A new location can do miracles.

Read a book

Reading a book can take your mind away from the assignment and can be a great way to overcome a university essay writer’s block. You can find some fresh ideas and discover non-trivial writing techniques you can use in the paper.

Skip the introduction

The introductory paragraph is considered to be the most challenging part of any paper. If you are not sure what to include in it, just skip it for now and start crafting the rest of the essay. You can always come back to it and write it later.

Reread your previous papers

The papers you wrote in the past might be that essay writers block help you’re looking for. Some of them may have a similar topic and you can get impressive tips. Plus, these papers will help you get ready to write and repeat your previous success.

Listen to music

Apart from its soul healing effect, music helps you relax and free your mind. And that’s exactly what you need. Listen to the tracks that inspire you and the university essay writer’s block will disappear.

Do some exercising

Physical exercises are always of great help to get the energy you lack. Your task is to activate the brain cells that are asleep. Jogging or jumping will do the trick.

Get some fresh air

Go for a short walk to recharge your batteries. You’ll be able to think about something else except your paper and give your brain a break.

The key point here is to do something about your writer’s block. Don’t just sit and hope it will disappear. You can speed this process up and bring the joy back to the paper writing.

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