By Faust Jonson
Posted on August 16, 2016

How to Read More

Hopefully, after reading the previous post, you now have enough motivation to start reading as much as you can. And here are some of the helpful tips you can use to do so.

Find the right time for reading

Before you commit to the idea of reading a lot on a regular basis, you need to figure out when is the best time to do it. Do you have some extra time early in the morning when you are full of energy? Or maybe your brain processes the information better in the evening? According to scientific research, physical exercises have a fantastic effect on our brain’s ability to focus. So, reading a book after doing some sit-ups or jogging will be more effective. Make a schedule that will help you get through the first couple of weeks until reading becomes your daily habit.

Set a daily goal

Your reading schedule should include a definite number of pages you need to read every day. Remember, you’re making a commitment and it will be more difficult to give up along the way if you have a specific goal. And don’t overestimate yourself by setting an unrealistic one. Reading should bring you pleasure so don’t turn the process into a boring task you just have to do.

Enjoy the process

Reading should be enjoyable for you. Even when you have to read something for your next class and you find it incredibly boring, think of some ways to make this task more pleasant. Go to your favorite coffee shop or to a park you like and try reading there. Sometimes, the surroundings can help you get into the right mood and make the most out of the process.

Take a book with you

Just think of all the times having a book with you would help you pass the time standing in a queue or waiting for your next class. It’s much more productive to read a couple of pages than checking your Snapchat messages. Wherever you go, take something to read with you. If you hate caring around a book with you, buy its audio version.

Share the information

The best way to memorize something is to tell someone about it in your own words. After you’ve read a chapter and understood the main idea, you can discuss it with your roommate or friends. It has two benefits – you’ll remember the material faster and teach you friends something new.

Manage your budget

You might say that reading is a quite a luxury hobby. Books are not that cheap these days and it will be hard to stay true to your commitment. One of the options is to buy used copies of the books you want to read. You’ll spend less and get the same information. Also, you can exchange some of the books you’ve read with your friends. There are a lot of book clubs who encourage people to do so.

Choose good books to read

It’s important to find someone who can recommend you what to read. There a lot of different kinds of books out there and it will be a pity to make a wrong choice. It can be your friend, college professor, or a blogger you can trust with a book choice. You can also check some online resources where people discuss the books they’ve recently read.

Some of this tips definitely will encourage you to read more. Enjoy the process and share your own tips with us.

Good Luck!

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